Maple on Main



East Coast Tasmania’s premiere café.
At the heart of the Fingal Valley in the picturesque township of St Marys

The maple on main Team

Our business involves the input of many talented people.  These are some of the major players.

The ‘Boss’


Nicole has worked in and out of the hospitality industry for about 30 years since the age of 15.

Starting with waitressing at cafés, restaurants and functions, Nicole decided to do a degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management after finishing high school.  Working in a variety of places including corporate boxes at the MCG, Formula 1 marquees and managing functions for a number of schools and businesses further fuelled her passion for the hospitality industry.

This lead to four years of work and travel overseas before returning to Australia to undertake a new degree and a ten year career in Primary Teaching and Education.  

Another life change lead to many years in the sales industry and a move to Tasmania before returning to her roots in hospitality.

People are Nicole’s “happy place” and the opportunity to open Maple on Main is an exciting one that Nicole and her family have embraced with much excitement and one which they look forward to making a great success on the beautiful East Coast of Tasmania.

The Crew


While Nicole is the brains trust, Michael is the brawn.  

Often serving behind the counter, clearing tables, taking orders and customer liaison, Michael’s most crucial role is ‘quality control’ – personally testing all food and coffee.  By his own admission he has no formal qualifications in this field but has “… been in training for this role for many, many years.”

With a background in working for the government and a career in Landscape Design and Consultancy, his understanding of meeting clients needs is well established.


Hannah (when not at school) regularly serves patrons with a killer smile and a ‘can do’ attitude rarely found in such young people.  

Locals and visitor alike are often subjected to her enthusiasm and it is without doubt she adds to the overall café experience making this a true family run business.


Having built our business from scratch and established a strong local customer base, we have decided to offer up our highly successful business for others to take over while we pursue other interests.  This is a wonderful “walk out – walk in” opportunity with all equipment included to hit the ground running.
L J Hooker St Helens are handling the advertised lease and further information, details and photos can be found


This is the most amazing café run by wonderful people. The food is superb with so many options its hard to know where to start. I will definitely be coming back.
As good as any café I've been in. The best coffee I had during my time in Tasmania. Thank you Nicole for your friendly service and I look forward to coming back again soon.
tara - melbourne
What a great café. Great food, great coffee, great atmosphere and friendly service. Highly recommended. They have a modern commercial kitchen with wonderful food which is constantly changing. So wonderful to be able to have breakfast out with a superb country ambience.