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The East Coast of Tasmania is home to some of the most amazingly talented artists one could hope to find.  Tasmania in general has a deep pool of artistic people keen to create, display and sell their work.  On a small scale, many artists struggle to find appropriate ways to display and sell their work. 
Maple on Main decided that it was in everyone’s interest that we adorn our walls with the work of local artists which could then be purchased. 
Maple on Main do not add commission to any of the work and the price paid all goes directly to the artist.  This is another way we help this wonderful community who supports us and our reward is an every changing display of beautiful artwork.

Marc Lawrence

Located in Beaumaris, on Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast, Marc Lawrence is a talented artist with a passion for various art forms.  As well as his original pencil drawings of ‘botanicals’ (and graphite drawings of sea shells) on display in the café, Marc is also an avid photographer with a passion for the living world and the wonders that nature provides for the artists eye.  His stunningly detailed and colourful art work is unique and original and these masterful drawings are genuine ‘one off’ pieces of art that are a pleasure to have on display and available for purchase. 

January 2023


Wolfgang Glowacki

Wolfgang Glowacki is a Tasmanian (Australia) wilderness landscape photographer who draws inspiration from the amazing and intricate details and colours the natural world provides.  His photography has received numerous awards and accolades with his work being published extensively in various formats and internationally renowned publications including National Geographic, 40 Degrees South, Wild magazine and many more.  As well as on display this month in the cafe, he has a shop at 12 Cecilia Street, St Helens where his art can be directly purchased.

December 2022


Ph: 0421 437 189

Vanessa Richardson

Wildlife artist Vanessa Richardson has a talent that is hard to believe.  Her stunningly beautiful and highly detailed works need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.  A resident of Bicheno, on Tasmania’s fabulous East Coast, she draws inspiration from her surroundings and her environment bringing both to life with her stunning work.  As well as on display at Maple on Main this month, Vanessa’s work can be seen and purchased from her business – Sea Eagle Studio (Bicheno).

November 2022


Sue Leaver

‘Amazingly lifelike’ and ‘stunningly beautiful’ are just two of the ways to describe Sue Leaver’s original artwork.  All done by hand with pastel and ink pen, these works are one off pieces of art which cannot be replicated.  

October 2022


Ph: 0417 856 692


‘Stitching and Beyond’

Art comes in many forms and September sees us enjoying the labours of many talented people who are exploring the relationship between fibre, stitch and other media.  This travelling display, “Stitching and Beyond”, has been going since 2005 and makes it’s way around Tasmania.  We are delighted to be able to present it to you this month.

September 2022

Sophie Speer

Sophie Speer is an artist with a penchant for using reclaimed materials as her painted medium.  This strong focus on ‘no waste’ combined with  deeply personal themes has this up and coming artist showcasing a variety of colours, styles and subjects.

August 2022


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Bryon Beggs

Maple on Main were proud to have Bryon as our first artist on display.  Bryon is not only a very talented painter, sculptor and gardener …. he is a dear friend and has assisted in many ways with our café business.  This included him painting our café blackboard which hangs proudly on our wall. His artwork is eclectic in style and appeals to many for a variety of reasons.

July 2022


Ph: 0408 337 056